Hey Divi Nation, we’re back with a great episode featuring designer and CEO Alyssa Gavinski of Felicity and Design; a Canadian based design studio specializing in complete branding and design packages. I’m excited to share this episode with you all because we got into some territory (and tips) that I don’t think we’ve ever covered before. And when it comes to us, our community, and Divi–I thought I’d heard it all!

Stop “Should-ing” Yourself featuring Alyssa Gavinksi – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 49

In this episode I interview Alyssa Gavinski of Felicity and Design. During the course of our conversation Alyssa and I talk about lessons she’s learned during her career, some unique tips and tricks her company has developed around their use of Divi, and a few memorable sayings that might just change the way you live and work. Enjoy!

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See You Next Week!

Well that’s all for this week’s episode. Thanks again to Alyssa for making the time to be on the show. I hope you enjoyed our chat as much as I did. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

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